This Massage is soothing, warming & recharging. It is provided in a cosy candle lit room on a heated massage table (0ptional).  Essential oils are selected for your individual requirements.  If your feeling stressed or anxious I will select the oils that have calming, sedative and or anti depressant properties. If you have aches and pains, I will select the oils that that have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from both, no problem, I can select the oils that help with both of these.

Aromatherapy is a therapy (massage) with aroma (essential oils). The essential oils are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, bark & herbs with properties known to benefit both psychological and physical problems.

An Aromatherapy massage has additional benefits to a normal massage due to the therapeutic effects of the essential oils. The essential oils are absorbed into the body and depending upon their properties, they can soothe, stimulate and heal. The massage brings about a state of deep relaxation and the inhalation of the scents from the essential oils, gives a high sense of well-being.

Only the highest quality organic essential oils are used. 


There are plenty of oils to try depending on your preferences and needs. I am able to tailor blends to your specific requirements and I would love the opportunity to discuss these with you, please feel free to contact me on 07737 769 548 or

Benefits Of Massage

Eases muscle pain

Eases stress and anxiety

Boosts sleep

Boosts immunity

Relieves headaches

Reducing or eliminating pain
Improves joint mobility
Improves circulation
Improves lymphatic drainage

Boosts energy levels

Improves circulation

Improves digestion

The essential oils provide extra power to tackle tiredness, headaches, PMT, Menopause, pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, feeling run down and much much more. Please ask.

Aromatherapy - back, neck and shoulder massage
30 mins  £30
45 mins  £45 - can add legs or face

Aromatherapy Leg and Foot Massage

25 mins £25

Full Body Massage

1 hour = £50

Aromatherapy & Reiki

30 min massage with 15 mins of Reiki £40
30 min massage with 30mins of Reiki £45

Free: take home the remainder of your essential oil blend in a roller bottle

Hypnotherapy &​​​ Reiki with Rebecca