Various Complementary Therapies To Try

March has been a very busy month for new and returning clients. I really enjoy the treatments I offer and meeting such wonderful people.

Now the therapy room has been running for nearly a year there are many treatments to try. Below is a brief explanation of the therapies available.


Reiki (ray-kay) is an ancient Japanese energy therapy rediscoved by Dr Usui in 1920.

Reiki works on boosting the body’s energy system. Hands are lightly placed on the body’s meridian and charka points whilst you are fully clothed.  Reiki induces deep relaxation, stress reduction, motivation, improved sleep & wellbeing and aids emotional release.  (30-60 min sessions, £20-36)

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage has additional benefits to a normal massage due to the therapeutic effects of the essential oils, which are selected for your personal needs. Essential oils are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, bark & herbs with properties known to benefit both physical and psychological problems.

 This massage is soothing & gentle provided on a heated therapy bed, in a candlelit room. (30mins to 45mins). Mobile visits can be made.

Access Bars

During an Access Bars session, a practitioner lightly holds specific points (Bars) on the head, which when held, dissipate the electromagnetic component of negative thoughts feelings and emotions, along with stress and worry. Bars creates a space for mindfulness and creativity.  30-60 min sessions.

Guided Meditation (creative imagery & therapeutic)

Creative guided mediation for relaxation, anxiety, positive change or healing. You will be guided to relax the body then guided to a beautiful place in nature where you can work on a variety of topics from simply relaxing, building confidence, releasing negativity or reducing anxiety. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques are utilised to make these mediations more effective.

One to one sessions or small groups. Bookings are taken in advance.


Crystal Treatments

Crystals have been used for 1000's of years across cultures and civilisations.  

Crystals are placed on and around the body. Choose 3-4 stones that you are drawn to whilst I select the rest. The client usually feels the effect of the crystals quite quickly.  60min sessions £36.

Combination Treatments

Try an aromatherapy massage with 30mins reiki or Bars for £50. You will be relaxed from the soothing massage and will be able to receive a Reiki  or Bars treatment with ease.


Reiki - An Effective Treatment to Manage Stress

A Variety of Complementary Therapies to Try

Why I Love Reiki

Combine Soothing Aromatherapy With Tranquil Reiki

Winter Warming Massage

Introducing Aromatherapy

Reiki In Healthcare

Reiki Supports Through Change

Busy Minds 

Stressed? Reiki Can Help

Reiki Saved by Life, What will be your story?

Healing the Inner Child

Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Unique Sessions Utilising Powerful NLP Techniques

Winter Warming Aromatherapy Massage 

Treat yourself or a loved one to a warm, soothing massage with the promise of a cosy candle lit room and the option of a soft, heated massage table. This massage will ease tension, relax the muscles, improve circulation and energy levels.  This will provide the TLC needed at this time of year by giving your immune system the boost it needs to get you through the darker months.

 Because this is an aromatherapy massage it has additional benefits to a normal massage due to the therapeutic effects of the essential oils. Essential oils can be selected for your particular needs or you can try the following blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense. These can be combined or used individually.

Bergamot has sweet, lemon fresh top notes and warm, floral, balsamic undertones.
Bergamot is reviving, soothing and balancing, its sunny anti-depressant qualities make it useful in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it is generally cheering on cold, grey, winter days. Bergamot is heart-warming and has an affinity with the heart charka to help gently relive sadness, depression and grief.

Lavender has fresh floral top notes and subtle, green, herbacaceous undertones.
Lavender has so many properties that it sounds too good to be true. In brief it is great for muscular aches and pains. Due to its anti-viral & antiseptic properties it is great for counteracting viruses. Psychologically lavender is soothing and calming, helping with mood swings and PMT.   

Frankincense has fresh, citrus top notes and sweet, warm balsamic, wood-smoke undertones. It is the most valuable essential oil for slowing and deepening the breath, helping to allay fear, anxiety, nervous tension and stress. It smells divine and overall it is calming, revitalising and uplifting. Frankincense is a valuable aid to relaxation as it helps to still the mind.

Together these make a divine combination or there are plenty of others to try depending on your preferences and needs. I am able to tailor blends to your specific requirements and I would love the opportunity to discuss these with you, please feel free to contact me on 07737 769 548 or

Healing the inner child with Hypnotherapy and NLP - October 2018

 Do you sometimes find that there are times, when someone makes a comment or you’re faced with a situation that other people appear to be fine with but you experience an uncomfortable emotion or reaction in yourself? This can be confusing, upsetting and limiting and can be due to a hurt inner child. The emotional reaction to the situation can be similar to the age of the child on the original upsetting event. The subconscious mind stores painful memories and pattern matches to situations that are similar.  For example if as a 13 year old you felt totally humiliated at school when giving a presentation, you may as an adult feel very uncomfortable speaking in groups of people. Or if as a child you had an alcoholic parent, you may feel rejected by others easily and or feel uncomfortable with people in authority. There are obviously many more scenarios.

 Inner child healing done through Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP: therapy tools used by successful therapists) can really help. There are several tools to use. An example of one simple process is guiding you to deep relaxation then going on a beautiful journey to a place in nature. Then you will have the opportunity to meet your inner child. We will then go through the process of showing love to that child and saying the words that are needed to heal at that time. This is done in your mind and doesn’t have to be spoken out loud if you wish. You will be guided step by step through the process.

 This along with the other techniques that I use can be very healing. The memories will still be present but will not bring up the same negative emotion. This can be very freeing and liberating.

I have done inner child healing myself so I know personally that it works and it has been very successful for clients also.

 Hypnotherapy is not a talking therapy so if you feel you need counselling or psychotherapy then please do so first. These tools are direct and solution focused so can be used after talking therapies, if this is what you need.

 The number of sessions vary, some people may need 2/3 sessions, others may need 4/6 plus. It also depends if other issues arise that you would like help with.  

Please call 07737769548 or email me on if you would like to know more or book a session.  


Reiki in Healthcare - Oct 17

We are at age where people are turning to complimentary therapies to improve their wellbeing (state of being comfortable, healthy and happy). Reiki is a complimentary therapy that is becoming more popular. It is widely used in clinical settings in the US and is becoming more popular within healthcare settings in the UK as various NHS organisations offer a complimentary therapy service offering Reiki.  

In the UK an example of a hospital utilising Reiki is The University College of London Hospitals on their red cell unit. An example closer to home is New Cross Hospital where they offer Reiki treatments (alongside conventional treatment) to cancer patients.  Marie Curie state the following “Some people say that it (Reiki) has improved their sense of wellbeing. It can also be deeply relaxing and can help relieve pain, improve sleep and reduce anxiety.” There are many personal reports of the benefits of Reiki. Some say that Reiki has helped with the physical and emotional problems associated with cancer. Reiki is also used in palliative care, especially in hospices.

 A research study in 2015 showed consistency with other studies in that all patients found Reiki to be very relaxing. The group receiving Reiki treatments showed improvements in quality of life and mood and had reductions in fatigue following chemotherapy.

In the UK some Drug and alcohol programs offer Reiki as an aid to conventional treatment. Reiki can make addiction withdrawal symptoms feel less severe. Early recovery tends to be an emotional rollercoaster and there can be a great deal of stress as the individual adapts to their new life away from alcohol or drugs. The relaxation benefits can help people cope better with these stressors.  Reiki can also help repair some of the mental and physical damage caused by substance misuse. It is usual for people in early stages of recovery to experience anger and resentment, Reiki can help patients release some of these negative emotions.

These are just a few examples, the benefits described above can be utilised by most on an everyday level. Some people use Reiki to relax to their core, something most clients say they cannot achieve in everyday life. Others use Reiki to improve their state of wellbeing which can always be improved.

For more information on the treatments available and to view some testimonials please go to and call me Rebecca on 07737769548 to book a session.

Introducing Aromatherapy - Nov 17

 In addition to Reiki Healing and Crystal therapy, in November 17  I will be introducing Aromatherapy Massage using the highest quality organic essential oils. Essential oils have properties that can help with a variety of issues from feeling stressed, run down, tense, aches and pains, PMT or menopausal symptoms and more. Essential oils are derived from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, bark & herbs. The essence and therapeutic properties are captured and become more concentrated. During a massage the oils are absorbed via the skin then enter the bloodstream providing the body with the therapeutic benefits of the original plant.  The massage itself will provide many benefits as well as being a luxurious treat.  I will blend the oils depending on your needs or you can also choose from a selection.

 The treatment room provides the perfect place to relax and clients report that the room has an instant calming effect. 

If requested aromatherapy can be incorporated into Reiki Healing treatments adding even more benefit.

 The most common comment I hear clients say after a Reiki treatment is: “I feel wonderful”. Recently I went for a Reiki treatment (got to look after myself too) and I came out thinking “why isn’t everyone doing this? This feels so good! I am at peace, my body is deeply relaxed and I feel like I can achieve anything.” Off I go to make good use of the energy by finishing off my projects and making choices that are helpful to me. I also notice that I am calmer and feel more in control. Reiki promotes acceptance and helps people to feel more comfortable and at ease. It softens the stress levels allowing people to get going again.

 For more information on all the treatments available and to view some testimonials please visit To book an appointment call me on 07737 769 548. Alternatively you can email me at the following address reikiwithrebecca.newport@gmail.comType your paragraph here.

Reiki changed my Life: what will be your story? - Nova May 2017

About 12 years ago a friend at work was talking about a treatment that was helping her with anxiety.  “Reiki? What’s that?” I said.  It sounded strange and different but I was intrigued as it sounded quite powerful and it was helping my friend. I was too apprehensive and too scared to try it, so I didn’t for some time! That was until I reached a point where  it felt like everything was going wrong. I felt trapped in a controlling relationship, my family had endless problems that I felt personally responsible for and there was a period of all sorts of other negative happenings.  I felt lost and overwhelmed. Well life can happen like that sometimes but l waited until I was almost shaking then I said “ok I may just give it a go”.

Because I was so anxious at the time,  my treatment felt like I was being unravelled but in a truly remarkable way. Every treatment since has been different and people have individual experiences. There’s no right or wrong way. Some people feel so relaxed they simply fall asleep.  

Once I had my first session, not straight away but a little while after, my mind was a lot clearer and I felt like I was able to deal with ‘my stuff’ a lot easier. I made the intention that this new energy was going to help me and it certainly did.

My life changed. I made all the positive steps needed to change the things I could and cope better with what I could not. Of course everything was not fixed in one go, that’s a longer journey with other tools utilised along the way, but Reiki was my favourite and saviour. This is why 10 years ago I undertook the Reiki training and have dedicated my time to developing it and myself ever since.  I have also trained with the Healing Trust (NFSH) which has added to my Reiki practice and allows me to offer alternative healing sessions.

I would like to add that Reiki is not just for anxiety, it can help with many symptoms. It can just be used to relax in a way that you’ve never experienced before which we are now rediscovering has so many additional benefits. It is a beautiful experience for most people.  Don’t wait until you are on your knees, enjoy it and benefit from it now.

Combine Soothing Aromatherapy with Tranquil Reiki

Since introducing Aromatherapy it has proved to be very popular and some clients find both Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki very helpful in different ways.  There is now an option of a combined session of 30mins Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with 15-30mins of Reiki straight afterwards. This not only provides a saving in time & money but it allows for an amazing experience and maximises the health benefits.

 The soothing massage helps with aches & pains, stress & tension, circulation and the immune system. Essential oils are selected for their therapeutic properties such as pain reducing, anti inflammatory, antiviral and calming. Effleurage strokes are mainly used that are gentle and soothing which helps depression and stress. Deeper techniques can be applied to problematic areas if required.

 Because you are so relaxed and comfortable after the massage, you are then able to receive a Reiki treatment with total ease. The Ki (life force) energy flows much quicker and works on a deeper level to the massage, helping to release old emotions that can be linked to illnesses. This is turn frees & balances the body and the mind, which then results in better sleep, inner peace, brighter disposition and improved strength. Since Reiki activates the body’s healing ability, it also helps relieve pain and speeds up recovery times.

 Aromatherapy and Reiki combine very effectively although sessions can be kept separate if preferred. I also find that a relaxing 5-10min guided mediation (at no extra cost) before a Reiki session provides a successful combination. The choice is yours.

Due to demand, I am providing a mobile Aromatherapy Massage service for individuals and groups. Please enquire for further details on 07737 769 548 or email My website has additional information at

Why I Love Reiki

 I love providing Reiki treatments because I feel an instant connection to life and I know it is helping to empower others. This most amazing therapy makes me feel alive, loved and safe and I get great comfort to know that others can achieve these wonderful feelings as well.

 Clients leave with a smile on their faces along with a list of mindfulness tips. I feel blessed to be sharing this wonderful energy that not everybody has experienced yet. When they do, they will realise how they don’t normally achieve this level of relaxation in their everyday lives. The pressure of commitments, the pressure to keep up with the Jones’s and the speed of life today is simply exhausting. How on earth did we get so busy? Who invented this? We need to slow down and Reiki helps us to do this amongst many other benefits.

 I left a management accounting job in the NHS to provide this beautiful therapy because I know how much it has helped me throughout my life and I wanted to share this with others.  It helped me to heal a broken heart, loss, projections and severe stress over the years.  I can remember before my first session, I was shaking with anxiety and energy depletion. I was quite fearful as I didn’t know what to expect but I still thank the person who introduced me to this today.  I experienced the opposite. Instead of my fears & scepticism I felt great peace in the session.  It truly helped me to find my inner strength and balance.

 I love the way migraines disappear, healthier breathing rhythms are restored, trembling stops along with increased mobility for some. Anxiety and stress is relieved and strength is regained. 

 I appreciate how I can utilise other tools where needed such as mindfulness meditation, NLP techniques, crystals and essential oils.

 To get the best out of this therapy regular treatments are recommended. One is great. After the treatment you leave feeling much better.  With regular treatments you will be able stand strong against life’s waves and your overall wellbeing can be sustained. 

Get Confident & Empowered - Writen for Nova Magazine 2019

If you have an important event coming up or generally feeling low in confidence, hypnotherapy and NLP solutions can empower you.  I have assisted many people to feel more confident about themselves so they can achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Some events in life can be life changing such as an interview, exams, new job, auditions, performances etc but sometimes our fear of failure, general nerves and lack of confidence within ourselves can get in the way. These strong feelings can be debilitating and interfere with us  performing at our best and at worse can stop us from even attempting a possible life changing situation.  For others life can be more challenging dealing with the people around them either at home or work because they may not feel as strong as they could be which can cause an all manor of issues.  

Why NLP and Hypnotherapy is an Excellent Choice for Confidence

The NLP tools that I use for confidence work, they have been created and used by world renowned therapists that have achieved amazing results. There are various NLP and hypnotherapy techniques that can be used and I use many of them in one session to ensure results.  

The good thing about most of the techniques that I use is that you don’t need to be hypnotised for them to work as the process itself is enough. Although all my clients enjoy the wonderful relaxed and peaceful feeling the hypnotherapy provides so they are happy to go on the journey.

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions Do I Need?

Most clients feel very empowered after their first session as a lot can be achieved. I would recommend around 3 sessions but it may take a little more or in several cases it has taken less.

If you would like to know more or book a session please call me on 07737769548 or email me at 

Busy Minds - June 17

Our minds are so busy and so many people find it difficult to switch off to the daily demands of life. The monkey mind (ego) is constantly chattering away telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. It would be ideal to set aside time to be quiet each day although some find it difficult to do this and tend to beat themselves up as they believe that they are doing it incorrectly.

Reiki is a great tool to help you switch off. Your mind and body relax deeply. During sessions clients are reporting that their minds are much calmer as their thoughts have slowed down dramatically. Their thoughts may still be there but they are not affecting them in the same way.

Most feel great peace as Reiki takes people to a place of refuge from their ego mind. When the body and mind relax in such a way, healing can take place. Most report that their mind continues to be calmer for some time and they can feel improvements taking place.

Reiki can help on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. To briefly elaborate:

  • Physical = improved sleep, relief from pain and muscle tension
  • Mental = positive thinking, relief from negative thoughts & mental clarity
  • Emotional = helps to gently release repressed emotions
  • Spiritually = helps you feel more connected and at ease with yourself and those around you

During a session clients are fully clothed, the lights are dim, relaxing music is playing and the appropriate essential oils are burning. This helps clients to ease gently into their session.

Session times are flexible so please enquire if you have a date in mind, although there will be limited sessions available in the school holiday period. I will also be offering sessions after 5pm and on some Saturday’s.  Please call me on 07737 769548 My website provides further information on the treatments available at

​​​​​Rebecca Garratt 

Quality Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Reiki Supports Through Change

 September is a time of change for many. New schools or class, groups are restarting, the garden is changing and evening activity will start to move back indoors. Time to settle into a new routine and make some good intentions.
Let Reiki be one of these. A Reiki treatment feels like a big hug to most. It supports people through change by providing energy and comfort. Organising becomes easier as thoughts become less cluttered. Reiki allows you to feel free, light and connected. Once you experience this feeling you are likely to wonder what else is possible.

 Life is continuously changing and evolving. Reiki helps us to flow with life, to let go a little and stop controlling it as this depletes us. Allowing life to flow is a much smoother journey and we can be pleasantly surprised. We might just enjoy it.

 A Reiki session will help you relax in a way in a way that you didn’t think was possible.  Clients state that they cannot relax this way in their normal lives. The relaxation penetrates through their entire being. Natural breathing rhythms become restored and immense peace is experienced.

 If you have not tried Reiki before, you will be very surprised like others. For those of you that have tried Reiki, sessions can vary from each practitioner and every session can be different. I have trained with the Healing Trust as well as Usui Reiki which I have found to improve and amplify treatments.

 You may not be going through any changes, feel depressed, stressed or in pain. You can have a Reiki treatment for general wellbeing and to feel great. At the very least you will feel like you have had a great massage, the best outcome is that it can truly change some aspects of your life. Whether it relates to confidence, improving health, making changes or being easier to be around, the list is endless.

  For more information on the treatments available and to view some testimonials please go to or call me Rebecca on 07737769548.


Unique Sessions Utilising Powerful NLP Techniques

As many of you know I offer therapies such as Reiki, Access Bars, Aromatherapy and Hypnotherapy. Within most of these therapies I can incorporate NLP (neuro Linguistic Programming). I can integrate NLP within guided mediations at the beginning of Reiki sessions and NLP runs strongly through hypnotherapy sessions or as a standalone therapy.

NLP is a collection of techniques, models and processes for changing unwanted behaviours, letting go of limiting destructive behaviour & thought strategies and healing old negative emotions and more.  NLP is based on the work of three renowned therapists who had achieved extraordinary results with their patients.

A classic example (one aspect of many, many tools) of how NLP has been used in the media is, when you think of the word ‘hamburger’ which company do you think of? When you think of the words ‘fizzy drink’ which company comes to mind? This is called anchoring which means that we associate certain words and sounds with certain events, objects, people or companies in this situation. They may not make you want to buy a burger but if you were to fancy one, and if they did their job correctly, the big yellow M will come to mind. 

We have created our own personal anchors, which are different for everyone. For some smelling coffee can mean “ahh time for a break” and may bring images of the sofa, and feelings of warmth and cosiness may arise.  This can also be done in the reverse, for many of us, a negative situation experienced will cause an uncomfortable feeling. If this situation happened in a classroom for example, then anything that the brain perceives as similar such as a meeting room or an authority figure such as a boss may bring up a similar feeling as the original event.  The brain has done a pattern match. This is similar to that, therefore you will feel this! NLP has the tools to reverse this and they are often very simple and effortless for the participant.

The above is just a tiny part of NLP. It’s about understanding how our brain works and using that knowledge to overcome some of our limitations.  This is why NLP is often used by top sports and business professionals as well as therapists.

Stressed? Reiki can help. June 17

 Life can be stressful. There are so many stressors for people such as a never-ending house chore list, work demands and relationships, children’s needs and their school requests,  lack of sleep, family issues, illnesses or conditions, elderly relatives to support, out of work, long days to fill, moving house, financial worries, the daily news… the list goes on. 

 Some stress is useful to us although if regularly stressed our ability to think clearly or relax becomes harder as our primal brain takes over by producing a fight or flight response.

If you are stressed, out of balance or need to relax, a therapy that can really help is Reiki. It is gentle and comforting and clients report that it brings peace and clarity into their lives, reduced stress along with improved sleep. There are many other reported benefits of Reiki which I will discuss another time.

 My new treatment room provides a tranquil space for you to relax deeply with ease. Feel the stress reduce after one session. The more sessions that you have will allow the Reiki to go to the core of the imbalances embedded within the body to bring about lasting balance. Some clients may only want one session and that is fine. No pressure will be applied as the choice is individual.

 I am offering £10 taster sessions for those that have not tried Reiki with me before. These will give you an idea of what the energy feels like initially and the potential relaxation that can be achieved in the full sessions. The full sessions (£36 –allow an hour) go much deeper and you will find yourself more relaxed but the tasters are a great way to get a feel for Reiki and try it out.

Session times are flexible so please enquire if you have a date in mind. I will also be offering sessions after 5pm twice a week.  Please call or text me on 07737 769548 My website provides further information on the treatments available at


Reiki – An Effective Treatment to Manage Stress Levels.

Modern life has many advantages but can also impose high stress levels that can sometimes go beyond what is reasonable. Life can be fast paced with long working hours, juggling family and home demands. We have somehow developed an unhealthy belief that relaxation is not an effective use of time. 
What stress does to the body

 Stress triggers the adrenals to secrete adrenaline and cortisol which put the body into flight or fight mode. If you find that you are not achieving a restful sleep, find it difficult to concentrate, have low energy, breathe rapidly or you experience tense muscles, this can signify adrenaline drive, where the body does not switch off the adrenaline. Over time this depletes the immune system and can cause problems for the digestion system.

What is Reiki

Reiki is very relaxing and is a gentle therapy that works with the energy system of the body.  Our bodies have an inbuilt intelligence that repairs and renews cells and Reiki boosts this process.   

The Reiki energy allows the mind to slow down and relax, shifting from the stressor dominance of the sympathetic nervous system to the relax, rest and replenish aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system. This then initiates the instinctive healing of our immune system. 

Where does Reiki come from?

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that originated in Tibet and was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1920’s. Although, energy healing has been prevalent in many cultures through the ages.

The word Reiki means universal life force energy which is channelled to the recipient to cleanse and calm the mind, body and energy system.

Receiving a Reiki treatment

Reiki is a gentle and tranquil full body treatment that is received fully clothed laying down on a treatment table. It can be felt as warm or cool, tingling and calming energy.

Other benefits

Reiki can reduce pain, tension in the muscles and help release mental and emotional stress. It raises and refreshes the spirit and provides a deep sense of peace and calm that helps restore a positive mind and outlook, making the treatment a good choice to reduce stress.

Feel much calmer after one session although a course of treatments is recommended for high stress levels. Take advantage of this 4 for 3 offer.  Call Rebecca on 07737769548 or visit for information on other stress reducing therapies