Purchase doTerra Essential oils here.  As a qualified Aromatherapist I use the highest quality oils for my clients and at home for my family. I am fully confident that these oils are 100% safe and effective. They have many uses, I use them to balance moods, to clean cuts and grazes and defend against viruses. 

You can become a healer in your own home with essential oils

Wholesale option - website guide

You will be asked to fill in your details then at the bottom of the page you will have a few options. The correct options should already be highlighted as follows:

Account Type

What type of account would you like to set up? 

  • Wholesale Customer - Option to earn 10%-30% of your purchase back in FREE product points.

Referral Information

  • I know my dōTERRA member’s ID number

           Garratt, Rebecca

​Just in case this is not highlighted: my Id number is 6057290

You will then be lead to a page where you can select your kit or choose to pay the  joining fee.

Well done your nearly there

2 Options

1. Order essential oils at retail prices

2. Become a wholesale customer

Get 25% discount off retail prices. 

Joining fee of £20 or you can join by buying a kit (waves the joining fee).  Kits start at £110.40. 

Don't need to order every month but if you do you will receive the product of the month free. 

How to order Essential oils 

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