Combine Soothing Aromatherapy with Tranquil Reiki

Since introducing Aromatherapy it has proved to be very popular and some clients find both Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki very helpful in different ways.  There is now an option of a combined session of 30mins Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with 15-30mins of Reiki straight afterwards. This not only provides a saving in time & money but it allows for an amazing experience and maximises the health benefits.

 The soothing massage helps with aches & pains, stress & tension, circulation and the immune system. Essential oils are selected for their therapeutic properties such as pain reducing, anti inflammatory, antiviral and calming. Effleurage strokes are mainly used that are gentle and soothing which helps depression and stress. Deeper techniques can be applied to problematic areas if required.

 Because you are so relaxed and comfortable after the massage, you are then able to receive a Reiki treatment with total ease. The Ki (life force) energy flows much quicker and works on a deeper level to the massage, helping to release old emotions that can be linked to illnesses. This is turn frees & balances the body and the mind, which then results in better sleep, inner peace, brighter disposition and improved strength. Since Reiki activates the body’s healing ability, it also helps relieve pain and speeds up recovery times.

 Aromatherapy and Reiki combine very effectively although sessions can be kept separate if preferred. I also find that a relaxing 5-10min guided mediation (at no extra cost) before a Reiki session provides a successful combination. The choice is yours.


Aromatherapy Massage with 15 mins of Reiki £40

Aromatherapy Massage with 30 mins of Reiki £45

Aromatherapy Massage with 20 mins of Access Bars £40
Aromatherapy Massage with 30 mins of Access Bars £45

Book and pay for 3 = reduce the total by £10



Access Bars 

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