Hypnotherapy &​​​ Reiki with Rebecca

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used for 1000's of years across cultures and civilisations.  The Ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health.  Jade was recognised as a kidney healing stone both in China and South America. Amethyst was worn to aid soberness,  Citrine was known to strengthen the intellect & provoke a sunny disposition.

In Europe, from the 11th century through the Renaissance a number of medical treatises appeared praising the virtues of precious and semi-precious stones in the treatment of certain ailments. Typically stones were used alongside herbal remedies. Authors included Hildegard von Binghen, Arnoldus Saxo, and John Mandeville. There are also references to stones with particular qualities of strength or protection

Michael Gienger, was a natural scientist who ran lengthy research programmes (89-93) and wrote numerous books explaining the science behind the power of crystals.  He explained that the chemical makeup of the crystals interact with our body on a radiation level.  He understood that the mineralogy and the healing effects of crystals are related in a very profound way.

Treatments- What happens

Treatments are carried out on the therapy bed. You will be fully clothed and crystals will be placed on and around the body. The crystals will be changed several times throughout the treatment.

Most people close their eyes to gain optimum benefit but you can keep them open if you prefer.
There will be specially selected relaxing/healing music and a blend of pure essential oils burning in the room (optional) to help you relax and stimulate the healing further.

You will choose 3-5 crystals using 2 methods, these are normally always what is needed, I will choose the rest.  Gems/stones/minerals/crystals are laid on and around the body. The crystals are changed several times throughout the treatment.

The treatment itself is usually 50 mins allowing time to gently come back round as I have found clients go into a deep relaxed state and usually need a few moments to readjust. The effects of the treatment normally last for a while after the last crystal has been removed.

What Clients say

Clients report that the relaxation feels very deep and they can feel the crystals working.

Most clients that have tried crystal therapy love it so much that they now have a crystal treatment instead of Reiki.

Mobile Service

I do offer a mobile service at a higher rate due to transporting all the equipment required and allowing time to prepare a therapeutic environment. Some clients prefer this as they can continue to relax at home afterwards without the need to drive home.