for people who know me... I don't do relaxing...BUT 😊 😊 😊 πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» I had a Reiki session with Rebecca Garratt today and felt absolutely amazing..... with personal health issues and a challenging daily life, this hour made me feel refreshed. The room is relaxing and the ambiance is magical.... check the offers in the Nova News ...... better still if your constantly on the go this hour of relaxation is definitely worth it. There are some great offers for May. Support your local businesses Thank you Rebecca

Had my first session with Rebecca this sat 24th Feb. Found her newport treatment room beautiful and the small space really well managed & nicely private & refreshing. Loved her intuitive approach (she is highly skilled in many areas so uses a unique combination for everyone) & the yummy massage oils gift I got to take away at the end. I definitely felt kindly nurtured; the small touch of a free bottle of water really nailed the message she genuinely cares with her actions & words & hands.. Trust your gut and give 'Reiki with Rebecca' a go!

Rebecca came to our barn retreat in Ludlow to carry out aromatherapy massages. I loved how she tailored the oils each of our needs and the massage itself was very relaxing. Floating on clouds now! Thank you! Liz

Excellent taster session, Rebecca was really friendly and made me very relaxed. Would recommend can't wait to book a full session. Donna

Reiki With Rebecca has been life changing for me, I have not been able to go for a while but was going regularly for Reiki and then discovered Aromatherapy and Bars!!!
I suffer with a few ailments one being an extremely painful back, I have not been able to lay on my stomach until Rebecca and her healing hands !!!!
Bars, well for me amazing and learning to go with my gut and not my head that is full of other people’s right and wrongs and judgements.

I need to book in and if you haven’t yet, you definitely should, Rebecca covers a whole range of treatments to suit your personal needs, she listens and adapts to you, you just have to be open to alternative therapies and healing and then your journey can commence xx x

This is my third session with Rebecca her professionalism and putting my needs were a high priority to her. 
I am 14 weeks post op from a full abdominal hysterectomy and removal of 3 fibroids so to try a new experience 
of relaxation was much needed. Experiencing all the menopause systems, Rebecca with Reiki was a relieve and a pleasure 
to feel really relaxed. I have since had the crystals and this coincided with me going back to my full time role in Sales. 
Oh my goodness!!!!!!  I feel relaxed, revitalised and my shoulders are not up to my ears. With the crystals I feel my whole body is aligned and I am in sync. I am grateful to Rebecca for her healing and divine inspiration. 
She is a blessing and you shouldn't miss out on having a personal session with her.
'I am strong, powerful and positive 
Thank you Rebecca 
Jules x

Had a fabulous aromatherapy massage at Rebecca's calm, peaceful treatment room. The oils were tailored perfectly to my needs and very relaxing, Thanks! Vicki

Thanks Rebecca. I really enjoyed how the essential oils were tailored to my specific needs. Hugely relaxing. Hannah

I really enjoyed the session and felt so relaxed.  Jayne

Just had an amazing Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki session with the lovely Rebecca.
I love how she selects the oils for your feeling and mood at that time, mixing the perfect blend and then massaging back neck and shoulders, whilst the sound of gentle waves send you off to your happy place, followed by Reiki xxx

​​​​​Rebecca Garratt 

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